How to use TCOBrowser.

In the table view, double-clicking a row will open a drawer which will display the contents of the CTAN directory for that item (requires an active Internet connection). Clicking another row while the drawer is open will display the entry for the selected row. You can specify an appropriate CTAN mirror from preferences.

The web view is fairly minimal, for quick browsing of a specific directory. To download a file, control-click on a link and use the contextual menu.

Double-clicking a "Local Doc" icon will open that file in the appropriate viewer (you need to have OS X configured to open .dvi, .ps, and .pdf files), and double-clicking a "Remote Doc" icon in the table will open or download that file in your default web browser.

TCOBrowser now has the ability to download and decompress MiKTeX cabinet files from CTAN’s archive. These files extract into a texmf hierarchy, and could be extracted directly into ~/Library; a manual install after extracting to the desktop is recommended for safety.

This option is off by default, and is set in TCOBrowser’s preferences, shown here. To download a .cab file, just double-click on the icon in the MiKTeX column of the tableview. If this column doesn’t show up (and you have TCOBrowser 0.7 or greater), try deleting ~/Library/Preferences/net.sourceforge.tcobrowser.plist.

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